The Senior Health Insurance Assistance Program (SHIP) is grateful for the many volunteers who make it possible for us to help so many people better understand the Medicare system and learn about the many available benefits available to them including information about:

• Medicare
• Medigap
• Medicare Advantage
• Prescription drug plans
• Claims and appeals
• Medical assistance for people with low incomes

As such we are constantly recruiting volunteers to assist people with Medicare, do community outreach, provide educational programs, provide individual counseling and give general program support.

Volunteer Training:
Our volunteers receive regular training through monthly presentations from Medicare experts, as well as an annual intense training program that cover the details ranging from low-income programs, the disability employment program, Medicare Part D, and much more. The SHIP staff serves as a resource, and both staff and volunteers have a long list of resources to call on as the need arises.

We currently have about 30 highly trained volunteers who make it possible for us to provide personalized advice to thousands of Montgomery County residents each year. Many of our volunteers are Medicare beneficiaries who have retired from careers in the government, education, medicine, and health policy. Other volunteers are early in their career and contributing their skills to help us become more effective.

For more information on assisting those in need, call (301) 590-2819.

Medicare and you